Lone Pine Publishing – Portfolio

Hello! Thanks for checking out my portfolio! I’ve curated projects that I think are most relevant to this internship, but you are more than welcome to check out the rest of my portfolio on this site.

Indigo Book Orders Catalogue:

For this project, I decided to put a spin on the Scholastic Book Orders catalogues. I reimagined it as a service offered in high schools by Chapters/Indigo. I matched the branding on the chapters.indigo.ca website and brought in spreads based on their blog content.

The Griff Magazine Redesign:

For this project, I redesigned an edition of MacEwan University’s student magazine The Griff. One of the magazine’s goals is to showcase the diversity of the student body and so I chose to create a digital collage style that incorporated a diversity of images, shapes, and textures as a way of visually reinforcing this goal. My style also showcased the vibrancy and youth of the student body.

The Uninhabitable Earth Cover Design:

As a submission for Penguin UK’s annual student book design contest, I designed this cover for the adult non-fiction book The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells. I took the photo for the cover and edited it into a jacket design, following the file template provided by Penguin UK. You can see the brief here: Penguin Uk Student Design Award: Adult Non-Fiction

Lady Susan Book Design:

I designed the exterior and interior for the novella Lady Susan by Jane Austen and self-published it through Amazon’s KDP. Lady Susan is the story of a nefarious socialite whose seduction and lies catch up with her in a fantastic manner in one of Jane Austen’s first stories. I wanted to bring in the idea of gossip as a timeless factor and so I used colour blocking inspired by mid-twentieth-century femme fatale paintings while still using an ink pen line to tie to the epistolary nature of the story. Inside, I added a sense of materiality by placing scanned signatures and ink splatters. I also included illustrations that used the ink pen texture. You can see the Amazon listing here: Lady Susan (Please note that as of March 30 2021, the desktop page for the book doesn’t always load, you can look at the mobile version if you’d like. I’m currently in contact with KDP to fix the problem.)