Days For Girls Awareness Campaign


This poster uses eye-catching imagery to attract the eye of the viewer and
then uses facts to create sympathy and interest in the organization and their
mission. The tampons and blood are used as a visual placeholder for periods.
The contrast of the clean, sharp shapes, colours, and font with the bright red
blood and the taboo topic of menstruation also creates visual interest.


This poster uses a strong image to create emotion in the audience. The storybook illustration style emphasizes the fact that this topic is affecting girls, not just adults. This creates sympathy in the viewer. The schoolgirl outfit further conveys this idea of childhood. The colours were chosen to
match the daysforgirls logo.


The topic of menstruation is taboo in our society and the large, bold, capital type puts this topic right in the viewer’s face. The message of this poster is to open up discussions about menstruation and the typeface and bright red background are already doing that visually. The message is further supported by the logos in the bottom left corner as they give reputability to the daysforgirls organization.