Visual Communication

Visual Communication Design

These projects range from rebrands to awareness campaigns. See how I approach more traditional design formats!

Remedy Cafe Rebrand

The existing Remedy Cafe brand is an important part of the Edmonton food scene, yet it lacks consistency. I assessed the brand and proposed a redesign, including how the new brand would apply to collateral products.

The Griff Magazine Redesign

For this project, I redesigned an edition of MacEwan University’s student magazine The Griff.

Days for Girls Awareness campaign

I used the rhetorical principles of logos, pathos, and ethos to create a set of three posters that would bring awareness to a local charity.

Experimental type layout

For this project, I was given one half of Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Cistern” to layout in a way that would communicate and support the story. This was a part of a larger anthology that I helped to gather and put together for a professional printer.

AI h-CON Branding

I created a brand system for a hypothetical conference about AI in healthcare. This involved logo development as well as creating a system of illustrations and collateral.