Apple Podcasts Redesign

This was a group project and while everyone was involved with the work, the responsibilities that were primarily mine were:

  • The personas
  • The task flow
  • The survey
  • The UI flow
  • The wireframes
  • The visual style and application. This included applying Apple IOS design standards and creating our own imagery that fit in with the Apple apps ecosystem.
  • The final slide deck presentation design
  • The video presentation editing

First, we needed to establish if our app even needed redesigning and if so, what changes needed to be made. We conducted several research methods to help us out. Our methods included:

  • A heuristic analysis
  • A task flow analysis
  • A competitor analysis
  • Persona creation
  • A literature review
  • User interviews
  • A survey
  • An error analysis

Once we had our prototype we did more user interviews and conducted a/b testing. Through our research, we concluded that Apple Podcasts was lacking in two areas in particular. First, there were several features and settings that were common in competitor apps that Apple Podcasts was missing. Second, the app was difficult to navigate, there were sections that were unclear about their purpose and settings that were difficult to find. These issues were brought up often in our research both empirically and anecdotally. This was our focus moving forward. As seen below, we went through several versions of our app, with a focus on initial app organization. (All of the sketches and the wireflow on the dark grey background are mine.)

Although we did make some aesthetic changes to create more visual interest and to bring Apple Podcasts’ branding into the app’s interface, most of our work went into restructuring the app. There were several important settings that were difficult for users to find during our testing that we made more accessible. We also added features such as the trim silences option and in-app episode sorting that are common in other podcast apps. One example of the work we did was our restructuring of the settings. In the existing app, the settings were in three separate places, one not even in the app, and in our redesign, we consolidated the settings all into one place. In the gifs below you can see how many more clicks it takes to find all the settings in the original app (on the left) than in ours (on the right).

Video walkthrough of redesigned app:

Screenshots of redesigned screens:

Video presentation that walks through our process and the final design:

The video covers our process, but if you’d like to see it more in detail, our report pdfs are below. These include the raw data of our research. Please note that while there are links to the Adobe XD prototype, that file hasn’t been maintained.