Various Character Illustrations

Digital painting of an aasimar with tan skin and white blonde hair. She has glowing wings and eyes.
Digital painting of a young white woman passed out on the floor of a library in front of a summoning circle.
A white woman and a Puerto Rican woman with pink hair in an outdoor hot spring looking at each other.
A tattooed Black woman in a leather jacket and red bralette is sitting and staring at the viewer. A small faun child holds her arm and looks up at her concernedly. They are in a forest.
A digital painting of a skeleton wearing a red robe and floating with a phantasmal, translucent body.
Digital painting of a birds-eye-view of a young white woman on the end of a dock looking down at a mermaid coming out of the water.
I white teenage boy in a school uniform looks up. A pile of construction debris has fallen around him in a perfect circle.
A woman in a yellow medieval dress is walking and turning back, reaching out her hand to a woman in a blue medieval dress holding a baby. They're in a sunlit forest.